Leading payment solution for Hospitality & Tips.

Free to use software delivering the ultimate core payment solution.

We recognise the equal importance of fast earnings for both business and staff.

We built Tipinc to ensure that tips go directly and in full to the team, without any cost for your business.

The future of payments starts here.

One payment, two recipients. Tips direct to your team.

Savings for my business

Future proof hardware. Ultra competitive fees.

Our all in one solution makes payments fast, affordable and easy, with limited change to your business.

Savings Calculator

Tax compliance

Approved by HMRC to act like a cash tip and remove the onus from the business.

Fast Payouts

Tips paid to the team within hours rather than weeks, improving their cashflow.

No Tronc required

No more payroll or troncsystems required. Automated payout of tips to your team.

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

Innovation that flows

with POS systems, scheduling software and other essential tools that your business relies on, streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency.

Built for you – if you need an integration, consider it done

Tailored for business

Visibilty that matters

To manage multiple venues and all your teams from one place, analysing key performance indicators around service, customer satisfaction and team well-being.

Improved visibility for you and your team – on the go

Tailored for business

Manage your teams

Manage your teams

Stay connected

in one place with Tipinc’s app for venues and workers. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download now

Revolutionising Employee Cashflow

Introducing instant payouts!

No more waiting for hard earned tips. Tipinc ensures employees receive digital tips immediately, empowering them to access and utilize their earnings without delay!

*Available on request and for enterprise

Acts the same as cash but better!

Revolutionising Employee Cashflow

QR Code

Customers scan a QR Code to tip an individual or the team. Print is available or can be added to menus and receipts.


Our modules allow customers to leave contactless tips that go directly to the team, with an option to choose amount.